you're both grounded!

✉ this one should be from Perse to JackJack ehehe

((omg crying too cute))

Dear King JackJack,

I’m calling you that because you’re the nicest and most greatest boy I’ve met who’s around my age and great and nice boys are kings, right? So you can be a king. Mommy says that we’ll probably end up being good friends and end up being best friends forever, and I think we will too because I really like you. I’m also friends with Andy, though, so I guess I can call both of you my best friends and we’ll be together forever and ever! I know we’ve only had a couple of times we’ve played together but Mommy says we’ll go over a lot more once my big brother comes home and the island’s safer again. Maybe you can meet my big brother then, too, because Mommy and Daddy both tell me he’s really great. He might even make you a robot because he’s made me and Mommy and Daddy robots, too. If he doesn’t I’ll make him do it so you can have a JackBot. Mommy says that big brother is going to love me so I’m sure he’ll listen. I really hope we get to play again sometime soon because I miss you!

xoxo, Perse

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