you're both grounded!

unexpected visit. | sarista [MINI-PARA]
  • Sarah: /It's like some weird time of night so of course, Sarah is upstairs in bed, knitting or something because there's not much else for her to do that doesn't require going downstairs. Unfortunately the powers that be have deemed it not possible for her to go a day without having to waddle up and downstairs with her now incredibly swollen belly and she hears a knock at the door. Fabulous. After somehow getting out of bed she head to the stairs and s l o w l y begins her way down, but it's a ridiculously slow process./ I'll be there in a minute! /Except actually whoever's at the door is going to have to wait at least 5-10 minutes. But thennn the door magically opens and a wild Arista appears! Welp, Sarah should have seen that coming./ ...Oh. Uh, nice to see you found your way in, Arista.

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